Weather in Patmos

Weather in Patmos is influenced by the Mediterranean Inland climate. In general, it is gentle with dry, hot summer.

Main Climates

The main features of the climate are winter rainfall, summer drought, mild to hot summer (with intense sunshine) and cold winter. The cold and rainy winter season lasts from November to March, while the warm and dry summer season from June to August. Transitional climatic months April – May and September – October show great differences in weather conditions from year to year.


The blowing winds, which occur around the end of May until about the end of October, are northern and are called “meltemia.” In the months of July and August, they have the highest intensity and average duration of two to four days, without showing the same frequency each year. These winds blow mainly during the day, hours from 8.00 to 20.00 and get their maximum intensity around 14.00. Their characteristic is the variation in intensity. They fall short after sunset and come back to dawn. In the winter, the winds blow up to 8-9 BF.

The temperature of the sea is ideal for swimming from spring to autumn.

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