Transportation to Patmos

Ferry from Piraeus

You can come to Patmos by boat from PIRAEUS. The ferry departs daily from Piraeus (Athens) from the E1 gate (from where all the ships leave for the Dodecanese).

The duration of the trip is 7 hours with the “Blue Star Ferries” and 9-10 hours with “ANEK” and “Agoudimos” agencies. To find out the daily itineraries there is a recorded message to the number 14944 with the itineraries of all ships for the Greek islands. The same number gives information on flights, trains, and bus routes. Monthly program for the itineraries exists only for July and August. Routes sometimes change, so you should call the ship agency or a travel agency (see phones here or the port office for confirmation.

Catamaran Boat

There is also a catamaran boat that connects Patmos with the ports of Lipsi, Leros, Kalymnos, Kos, and Rhodes, daily during the tourist season (See itineraries in There are also flying dolphin boats connecting Patmos with Samos when the weather is not too bad. For itineraries see

Use Your Own Boat

You can reach the island via your own boat too. Patmos is very close to the coast of Asia Minor, 163 NM from Piraeus. “Skala” is the main harbor, with the northern section available for small and larger yachts and sailing boats. There you can refuel and have basic amenities such as water and electricity. In addition, you can moor according to the weather and in many bays of the island (Agriolevidi, Grikos, Meloi, Kampos), some of which have small sailboats.


For information about the Patmos Marina you can call the Patmos port office 22470 31231. Have in mind that there is no possibility of booking place in the harbor.

Quickest Route

The quickest way to get to Patmos is to fly to Samos, Kos or Leros via Olympic air or Aegean Air and then change to the catamaran or flying dolphin. You can see the itineraries in &

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