Transportation to Patmos

Ferry from Piraeus

To reach Patmos by boat, you can take a ferry from Piraeus, the port of Athens. The ferry service operates daily and departs from the E1 gate, which is the designated departure area for ships heading towards the Dodecanese, including Patmos.

The duration of the journey varies depending on the ferry service you choose. The “Blue Star Ferries” typically takes approximately 7 hours, while the “ANEK” and “Agoudimos” agencies offer trips lasting between 9 to 10 hours. To access the daily itineraries for all ships serving the Greek islands, including Patmos, you can call the number 14944 to listen to a recorded message providing the relevant information. This same number also offers details on flights, trains, and bus routes. It’s important to note that the monthly program for itineraries is available only for the months of July and August. Due to potential route changes, it is recommended to contact the ship agency, a travel agency (phone numbers can be found at, or the port office for confirmation of schedules and routes.

Catamaran Boat

In addition to the ferry options, Patmos is also connected to other islands through a catamaran boat service. This catamaran boat operates daily during the tourist season and provides transportation between Patmos and the ports of Lipsi, Leros, Kalymnos, Kos, and Rhodes. Detailed itineraries for the catamaran service can be found on the website

Moreover, when the weather conditions permit, flying dolphin boats offer another means of transportation between Patmos and Samos. These boats operate on specific routes and their itineraries can be accessed on the website Please note that the availability of the flying dolphin service depends on favorable weather conditions for safe travel.

Use Your Own Boat

You can reach the island via your own boat too. Patmos is very close to the coast of Asia Minor, 163 NM from Piraeus. “Skala” is the main harbor, with the northern section available for small and larger yachts and sailing boats. There you can refuel and have basic amenities such as water and electricity. In addition, you can moor according to the weather and in many bays of the island (Agriolevidi, Grikos, Meloi, Kampos), some of which have small sailboats.


For information about the Patmos Marina, you can reach out to the Patmos port office at the following contact number: +30 22470 31231. It’s important to note that booking a place in the harbor is not possible, so arrangements for docking should be made accordingly.

Quickest Route

For travelers seeking the quickest route to Patmos, flying to Samos, Kos, or Leros is recommended. Both Olympic Air and Aegean Air offer flights to these islands. Upon arriving at Samos, Kos, or Leros, travelers can then transfer to either the catamaran or flying dolphin services to reach Patmos. Detailed itineraries for flights can be found on the websites and respectively. These websites provide comprehensive information regarding flight schedules and connections to ensure a smooth transition to the catamaran or flying dolphin for onward travel to Patmos.

In summary, Patmos offers various transportation options for visitors to access the island. Travelers can choose to take a ferry from Piraeus, with daily departures and different ferry agencies offering varying trip durations. Additionally, a catamaran boat service connects Patmos with several other ports during the tourist season, and flying dolphin boats provide further connectivity to Samos when weather conditions allow. For those seeking a quicker route, flying to Samos, Kos, or Leros and then transferring to the catamaran or flying dolphin services is recommended. By considering these transportation choices, visitors can conveniently reach the captivating island of Patmos and embark on a memorable journey.

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