Patmos Beaches

Patmos is a unique island with marvelous beaches for enjoying swimming and water sports.

Kampos Beach

Kampos Beach, located 4.5 km from Skala, is a huge, organized beach with fine pebbles and crystal-clear waters. You can rent a sunbed and relax all day or engage in water sports activities. The beach is also home to George’s Place beach bar, where you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail. UK ELLE Magazine has ranked it among the top 10 beach bars in the world.

Vagia Beach

The next beach on your way is Vagia Beach, which has pebbles and is not organized, but there is a café nearby.

Petra Beach

Petra Beach (also known as Kalikatsou) is one of the most famous beaches in Patmos, featuring a spectacular imposing rock at its northern end. It is a picturesque beach with pebbles and crystal-clear waters. The beach offers a beach bar and the opportunity to participate in water sports activities.

Grikos Beach

Grikos Bay, located 4.5 km south of Skala, is another beach considered one of the best in the world. With its view of the imposing Petra, you can enjoy the serene waters in a picturesque cove.

Liginos Beaches

The two Liginos beaches (the twins!) are located in the northern part of the island and are famous for their blue waters and tranquil atmosphere, attracting those who prefer serenity.

Psili Ammos Beach

Psili Ammos is considered the best beach on the island. It is situated in the southeastern part of Patmos and can be quite challenging to reach. The beach rewards its visitors with fine sand and a landscape of wild natural beauty, accessible by a 30-minute walk from Diakofti or by taking one of the boats that sail from Skala Harbor to the beach.

Agio Livadi Beach

Last but not least, the second well-organized beach on the island is Agio Livadi, located 4 km from Skala. It features fine pebbles and offers sunbed rentals. Feel free to spend the entire day there, enjoying swimming and sunbathing!

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