Religious Music Festival

Patmos Religious Music Festival

At the end of August and early September, an important festival is held in Patmos, which fits perfectly with the island’s character. It is the Patmos Religious Music Festival, which started in 2001, aiming at the presentation of high-level musical events and becoming established as one of the most important musical events. Every year, in front of the Holy Cave of Revelation, artists and choruses from both Greece and foreign countries come to present musical works inspired by the Christian Faith.

The Festival has presented over the years a number of artists offering a summer experience completely different from any other musical event in an open space. At the Patmos Religious Music Festival, the environment, and the whole nature of the beautiful island, combine ideally with the music to create amazing harmony.

Popular Visitation

The festival is one of the most powerful incentives to visit the island and thousands of visitors are flocking these days in Patmos for the Festival nights.

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