Wildlife Refuge

The Wildlife Refuge of Arki – Patmos

The Wildlife Refuge of Arki – Patmos was established on September 16, 2004, and encompasses fourteen islands and islets. It specifically includes the area of ​​the islands Arkioi, Marathi, and the ten surrounding islands, as well as the rocky islets of Anhidro and Petrokaravo. This refuge is of exceptional environmental importance.


The area surrounding Patmos boasts a unique biodiversity that can be explored through diving in its crystal-clear waters or by taking a special boat tour. In Patmos, there is a scuba diving school that offers tours along the beautiful coastline. Whether you choose scuba diving or a boat tour, experienced professionals are available to assist you in this marine excursion.

Posidonia Meadows

The refuge is home to rich Posidonia meadows located on the seabed, which deserve utmost respect. Posidonia meadows in the Mediterranean are among the most ancient marine organisms on Earth, with an age exceeding 100,000 years. These marine meadows are protected habitats that play a crucial role in the productivity of marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean.

Coral Reefs

Additionally, the refuge features coral reefs formed by red algae from the family Corallinaceae. These reefs produce calcium carbonate, which forms the fundamental structure of the reef. They are situated in areas between the Aegean and the Western Mediterranean, with depths reaching up to 150 meters. Coral reefs are perhaps the Mediterranean’s best-kept secret and are well worth exploring.

Special Species

The refuge is home to significant populations of endangered Mediterranean seals, as well as populations of four species of dolphins and a species of sea turtle. It also serves as an essential migratory passage and breeding area for numerous protected bird species.

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