Dining in Patmos

In Patmos you will find a wide variety of restaurants in which to dine. Apart from the Mediterranean tastes and the fresh seafood, the restaurants offer local dishes too for everyone who would like to taste something different.

Prices and Variety

Prices depend on the place of the restaurant and the type of food and service offered. Most of them are family businesses, offering homemade Greek recipes at reasonable prices. There are many choices for vegetarian and vegan diet which will leave you completely satisfied.

Recommended Restaurants

The list of the good restaurants is very big so there are many options for every taste. We recommend Ostria (with fresh fish) and Pantelis (with the secret recipe for cheese balls) in Skala. There are also two restaurants that serve Italian dishes (Rabella’s Place in Skala and Oklaca in Xoxlakas) and one excellent Sushi Bar (Sushi Bar Mostra in Skala) for the ones that love the Japanese cuisine.

More Expensive Restaurants

In the good and expensive restaurants of Patmos, in August you may need to book a table up to two days earlier. One of these is the famous Benetos (in Sapsila, T / 22470-33.089), which always has the best dishes served on the sea. Another good dining option is the Wave (T / 22470-31.192), in the bay of Skala just opposite Chora and the illuminated Monastery. For the evening, outside the borders of Chora is Aloni (T / 22470-31.007), which hosts even bigger events, with live music and dances from Patmos and the Dodecanese.

Traditional Dishes

From all the dishes served, there are several traditional dishes to ask for, which is something we recommoned to you, in order to understand the gastronomic culture of the island. Taste the zucchini flowers stuffed with rice baked in the pot, or the “kapama” goat dish, made from goat meat with tomato, thick fried potatoes, and cinnamon wood. Stuffed goat is another dish we propose. It is served with thick pasta and a lot of grated local cheese. The traditional bread is the “sxinopsomo” made from schnauzer fruits with sugar, cinnamon, and salt. You should also taste the traditional cheeses and the famous “Patiniotiki” cheese pie. We believe that these will show you how the multicultural history of the island has produced an interesting mixture in the local dishes, which is worth tasting.

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