Three Windmills

The Three Windmills in Chora

The three windmills found in Chora have an interesting back story. The windmills were built in 1588, and in the 1950s they became obsolete. After almost 60 years, a Swiss philhellene banker, Charl Pike, who used to come to Greece for sailing, wanted to make a gift to the island of Patmos. The Swiss thought of making a gift that would also be related to his great love, sailing. The three windmills of Patmos were an ideal choice, linking the wind with the sails.

History of the Three Windmills

The windmills were refurbished and re-operated in 2010. In 2012 their restoration was awarded from Europa Nostra, the Europe-wide cultural heritage federation. Today, the first of the three windmills is in use and can produce flour.The second windmill will be refurbished in the future to produce electricity. It’s a real jewel in Patmos. Even the route leading to them is a discovery.

Visiting the Three Windmills

On foot, you walk in the Straits of Chora and suddenly you find yourself in the gloom where you can see, on the one hand, the huge mills and on the other, the shocking view to Skala. The days when there is intense air, their sails are closed, but this does not deprive anything of their beauty. The bad thing is that with the existing bus routes, if you do not stay in Chora, you will not be able to reach them to visit. The entrance is from the back of the mills. The spot is perfect for taking pictures as it overlooks the whole island and the castle. We propose to visit it early in the morning or in the afternoon, which is the best hour to have some cool fresh air. Afterwards take a stroll along the alleys of Chora!

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