The alleys in Chora

The alleys in Chora

The alleys in Chora are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Their architecture is a real revelation, having the unique mansions as charms.

History of Chora

Chora is a medieval settlement around the imposing monastery of St. John the Theologian, built with defensive planning, with spiral cobbles and stone vaulted passages that embrace the monastery and are used to confuse potential conquerors. The settlement developed after the fall of Constantinople in 1453 and after the fall of Chandakas in Crete in 1669, when important, wealthy families came to Patmos to settle.

Boat-Owners’ Mansions

On the northern side of Chora, the boat-owners had their mansions to see from above to their ships that were in the harbor of Scala. The more you notice the houses and their details, the vaulted arches and the labyrinthine alleys, the more you will love them.

Neoclassical Town Hall

One of the most important spots is the neoclassical town hall built in 1870. The walk in the straits has a 16th and 17th century scent and the low music in the bars and taverns preserves its quality, giving it a nice humbling atmosphere.

The Doors of Chora

Among the other features of the particular architecture of the Patmos buildings, the doors, one of the most prominent elements of the building, make the best of the medieval atmosphere. You will definitely be amazed by the beautiful old doors with the bronze knockers and you will have the opportunity to take many photos to remind you of this medieval atmosphere back at home. 

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