Sacred Cave

The Sacred Cave of Revelation

The Cave of Revelation is located in Patmos on the road between Chora and Skala. It is believed that this Cave is the point where John the Apostle had the visions that he recorded in the Book of Revelation, one of the most important (and more controversial) ecclesiastical books of all time. The place was declared in 1999 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Holy Cave is a truly imposing place and the aura of the Apocalypse is felt on the air.

The Church of Agia Anna

In front of the opening of the cave there is the church of Agia Anna. Inside the cave there is the point where St. John the Theologian was held. The space that was built around the Cave is beautiful and the Cave itself exudes awe and reverence. The place is well preserved and there is a monk as a guide to explain to the visitors the fact of the Revelation. Check the hours that the Cave is open before you go.

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