Archaeological Sites of Kastelli

Kastelli is undoubtedly the most important archaeological sites of Patmos, where ruins of the ancient acropolis and foundations of the Temple of Apollo are preserved. It is a natural fortified hill, which rises to the west of Skala and to the north of Chora, offering an unobstructed view of the three nearby bays, Skala (east), Chochlaka (southwest) and Merika (north), while the islands of Naxos and Ikaria, are seen in the horizon.

Artifacts of Yesterday

Surface shells and stone tools from obsidian and silica found in the area (and exhibited at Nikolaidis Mansion) show that the place was a residential settlement from the Bronze Age (1600-1100 BC). At the same time, finds from the geometric, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman times bear witness to the continuous use of the hill throughout the historical years (8th century BC – 4th century AD).

Today’s Artifacts

Today, in Kastelli you will see well preserved remains of fortifications dating back to the end of the Classical period (end of the 4th century BC), which are visible when ascending from Skala and the entrance gate with the six-step ladder.

The Acropolis

To visit the ancient Acropolis of Patmos, you will follow the three-kilometer path that starts from the port of Skala. It is one-hour hike, however the view that Kastelli offers will take your breath away and reward you for your effort.

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