Italian Governorate

The Italian Governorate (Skala)

It is found in the central square of Skala and people call it “the Italian Building.” It was built in 1932 under the command of the Italian Governor Mario Lago to house the Gendarmerie Barracks and the Customs Guard, as well as the Post Office, the Customs Office, and its warehouses. The Italian building is a typical architectural monument of the era of the Italian occupation in the Dodecanese (1912-1943).

The Architecture of the Italian Governorate

It has a rectangular shape and encloses two interior courtyards. Its facades have a number of openings of various shapes inspired by the Italian medieval decoration. On the façade, seen from the square, there is a gallery with arches. On the corner of the square, you will also see an imposing two-storey tower.

The Italian Governorate Today

Today in the building is housed the Police Department of Patmos, the Custom, the Post Office, and various other municipal services of the island.

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