Chapel of Prophet Elias

Chapel of Prophet Elias

The Chapel of Prophet Elias is a beautiful little chapel with a spectacular view. It looks like a painting, with small stairs leading inside the small church. It is worth the ascent, following the path that starts from the west of Chora or the uphill road if you ride a motorcycle or drive a car.

The Origin of the Chapel of Prophet Elias

According to Orthodox tradition, all the Churches of Prophet Elias are found on the tops of the tallest mountains. This is because the Saint, once afraid of a sea voyage, decided to spend the rest of his life in a place where people did not know what the sea means.  He took a paddle and took the road to the mountains. Up there he found a person that didn’t know what the use of the paddle was, so the prophet decided to live there.

A Spectacular View

The view from the spot is breathtaking. You will see every spot of Patmos from above and in the horizon, there is view of Ikaria, Fourni, Leros and Lipsi. It’s just a magic point, the mind travels away… Take with you a bottle of water and a bottle of wine, the water to fight the heat as you climb up the stairs and the wine for the romantic moment when you look with your partner at the sun sinking into the waters of the Aegean Sea!

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