Shopping in Patmos

In Patmos you will have the chance to enjoy and buy tasty local products. They deserve your attention as they  cannot be found anywhere else.

Traditional Cheeses

Traditional local cheeses from Patmos look like tarts and are used in the local cuisine. Patmos is famous for “mizithra,” “xinomyzithra” (dry “mizithra” to add to macaroni), “touloumotiri,” a soft, granular, spicy goat cheese ripened in inverted goat skins, and “kalathoto “, a hard cheese made from mixed sheep and goat milk. You can buy local cheeses to take with you from the dairies of Giannis Stratas in Skala and Aristides Miaoulis in Grikos.

Cheese Pies

Don’t forget to taste the local cheese pies. The famous “patiniotiki” cheese pie is made with three different types of local cheese, sprinkled with cinnamon, and unique for its taste. You can buy some from the bakery of Stavros Kumanis in Patmos.


The famous delicious sweets of Patmos are the so-called “pougia.” “Pougia” are traditional desserts that are made in two versions, baked and fried – in both cases, filled with walnuts and almonds and sprinkled with local flower-water, which gives them a very special taste. There is also another type of sweet made with almond paste called “axladakia” and the delicious “svigi.” Patmian producers make also the “dasogalo,” a soft drink made from almonds and rosewater. You can buy them to take home from the pastry shop “Haris” in Skala.


Traditionally there were vineyards in Patmos that produced the white wine of Alexandria called “fokiano” wine, from a red variety of grapes, slightly sweet. Nowadays, however, the producers of this excellent wine are only some residents who make homemade wine for themselves and their friends.  If you are not lucky enough to find someone and buy this wine from them, you can taste and buy instead a new excellent white wine, produced in the island called Patinos “Domaine de l’Apocalypse.”

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