Hiking Trails

The Hiking Trails of Patmos

Patmos has an important network of trails for people who like hiking. The trails used to be the main paths that people of Patmos shaped through the centuries during their movements from village to village. There were no asphalted roads on the island for centuries. Walking along the paths, remember the old ways of communication, people visiting other villages by horse or on foot. Patmos’ paths, as the times changed and cars were imported on the island, changed too. Some of them were asphalted while others were abandoned.

The Cultural Paths

So every visitor can learn all the historic information and folklore about Patmos through hiking, the Hellenic Society for the Environment and Culture has connected the settlements of the island with the bigger monasteries, the “Holy Seats,” and hermitages with a rich network of walking routes. They call the trails “Cultural Paths.” Most of them do not have a large difficulty grade and reveal the hidden gems of the Patmos landscapes, ancient sites, monasteries, the “Holy Seats,” the fabulous flora of the island, and breathtaking views to the magnificent coast line.

The main trails are:

  1. Skala to Chora and back to Skala through a path from 1794
  2. The “Aporthianos” Trail which goes to the Windmills of Patmos
  3. The trail to Kastelli archaeological site
  4. Chora to Grikos  and from there to Diakofti, you will see the prehistoric Petra of Kallikatsu
  5. Chora to Kipi and to the Nunnery of Annunciation
  6. From Stavros to Prasovouno and to the Beach Psili Ammos, a difficult trail passing through the cliffs of “Devil”, (landscapes that remind you of alpine)
  7. From Vagia to the Holly Seat of Appolou, visit the small churches next to the sea
  8. Chora to the Prophet Elias Church
  9.  Kampos Village to Lefkes  and Mersin
  10. Agriolivadi  to Kamini and from there to Kampos
  11. Agios Dimitris (Vagia)  to Zaros
  12.  Pano Kambos  to Kera Leousa  and Agios Kirikos
  13. Christos  to Ais Nikolas Avdelos

Of course, there are several more paths to find out and enjoy. You may hire someone to guide you through these beautiful trails http://www.walkinginpatmos.com/

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