Nunnery of the Annunciation

The Monastery of “Evangelismos” (Annunciation) is located on the southwest side of Chora, a 15-minute walk from the main bus stop. To find it follow the road from Chora to Grikos, turn right at the first big crossroads, and again right on the first road that goes up the hill. After the last turn you see the monastery. If you are on foot you can easily walk from Chora to the monastery along a sign-posted road which takes about 10 minutes.

History of the Monastery

The monastery was originally a small hermitage church until 1613, when an abbot from the monastery of Saint John called Nikiforos, renovated the building and dedicated it to Saint Luke the Evangelist. In 1937, new buildings were added by the monk Amfilohios Makris, who founded the monastery of the Annunciation. The icons and frescoes of the Monastery date from the 15th to the 17th century. An important role was played by a nun called Olympias, a student of the famous hagiographer Fotis Kontoglou who hagiographed a significant number of monasteries and passed the art to her own students. The monastery played an important role during the Italian occupation, as the nuns, in their effort to maintain the Greek language, were engaged in teaching young children.

The Monastery Today

Today the monastery is inhabited by nuns. Their main activity is the embroidery with the notorious “Patiniotiki” stitch, which has been preserved since the Byzantine era.

What the Monastery Has to Offer

It is perhaps the most beautiful monastery on the island. The place offers to the visitor peace and tranquility so as you could rejoice your soul. It also has a panoramic view of the Gulf of Kipi. The nuns welcome you warmly and make the visit a wonderful experience. You can watch a liturgy there or attend a mystery in this serene and beautiful place. The monastery is open 9am to 11am from Monday to Thursday and from 7am to 11am on Sunday. It is not open on Fridays. In the monastery there are lovely homemade products to buy such as herbs, ointments, bee pollen, and jams as well as religious artifacts. The Monastery is also engaged in great charitable activity.

Appropriate Clothing

Again, watch out your appearance. You are advised to visit the place only in proper outfit, long sleeved trousers for men and long skirt and a sleeved T-shirt for women.

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